Healthy Kid Through Massage

You are your child's best health care provider ― because you know your child better than anyone else. You know her medical history ― if she is allergic, if she is prone to cold, if she is prone to ear infection, etc. You also know how she dresses, what she eats, how she sleeps, is she too warm, is she too cold, did she play in the rain, was she exposed to virus, etc. You also know her environment best ― is the room warm, are there pollens in the air, etc. Most importantly, you know what is normal and when the kid seems to be different or out of character.

7 Easy Tips

7 Easy Tips To Remember When Massaging a Child

Because a child's body is different from that of an adult, massaging children is actually much easier and requires a lot less strength than massaging adults. At the same time there are certain unique requirements for massaging a child. The following are seven basic principles for massaging children effectively.